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T h e  S u n d a y  C u r e n t l y …

R E A D I N G - still stuck with A Tale For The Time Being which I hope to finish by the end of September.

W R I T I N G – slash updating my journal because I just have to unload some stupid insights about some bullshit that if I’m gonna write about ‘em here I’m gonna be in serious trouble but, I couldn’t care less.

L I S T E N I N G – to All of Me just because Joma’s listening to it next to me.  

T H I N K I N G – how happy I am for receiving an early gift from Joma! Hello to my baby Prime! Canon 50mm lens!

S M E L L I N Gthe scent of the rain outside and I kinda love it that it’s getting colder and colder! BER months!

N E E D I N G – to calm my shit.

W I S H I N G – for some people to actually grow up and realize how stupid they get to react on certain matters that could have been easy by shrugging it all off.

H O P I N G  - that I get my message across LOUD AND CLEAR and I don’t care if I became the villain because I just can’t imagine how dragging and pathetic to be in such kind of relationship.

L O V I N G – my new phone and new lens and enjoying the company of this boy next to me.

W A N T I N G – to try out prime and to start doing art again.

W E A R I N G – my usual home clothes because I am that comfortable staying at home with him.

F E E L I N G – kinda stupid honestly. I hate how I never get to realize in an instant how pathetic I am for not understanding that not everyone has that capacity to see things in a different way and that little understanding could actually lead to a much bigger chaos. I’m just so blessed and happy to be surrounded with great minds and to have a mature boyfriend and that my immaturity actually coexists with his. I feel so sorry for making patol of such matter and that yes I should have laugh it off as well just like Joma. How they actually reacted towards me says a lot about their relationship as stated by a friend. True though. I should’ve widened my understanding and should’ve realized that it’s actually a waste of time dealing with such small mind matter.

C L I C K I N G  - the post button because I might turn this into a novel for speaking my mind again about the said pathetic matter. NUFF SAID. Get over it and MOVE ON. 



The Baguio living feels. ☁️☔️❄️📚🎧 #sweaterweater #rainyfriday