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Can’t complain much but to noticed a lot of things that has been changing around me.
Been hanging around the house for quite some weeks now recovering and making myself physically strong again.
Just turned 27 last week and it was sweet and full of smiles.
Been wasting most of my time working at home and watching Anime movies again and the other horror movies.
Selling my stuff online because I don’t see the need of keeping them just for the sake of having them at all anymore.
Taking photographs just for the sake of breaking myself from boredom and not for art. How sad it may seem that I’ve been wasting too much time whereas I should be focusing on the important ones.
I’ve tried putting some colors unto my pale face and well as expected most people liked it and then there’s this who got her insecurities up. Poor thing.
You know, the thing about criticizing a person just for the sake of your anger and insecurities towards them doesn’t say much about the person but says a loooot about YOU. Remember the line, “What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally”? I think everyone should keep that in mind.
Do not let your big mouth reveal so much of what your small mind coudn’t take, because some people tend to know more about you than what you know about the skeleton hidden in your closet. ;)
Friends, just by saying so brings a bit of a sting in me. I’ve been losing important people in my life and I don’t know why or maybe because our worlds couldn’t revolve in the same axis anymore or maybe they’re blaming it into my, being overly reserved now.
I don’t know if I’m just going with the flow, ignoring it knowing it wouldn’t last or I just couldn’t give a fuck anymore. I mean we’re all living our own lives and no matter how much you wanted them to understand and stay, they couldn’t and it’s normal.
It’s a personal choice to care less and continue with my life without them. I’ll survive and sure they’ll do too. Let me invest with my future, let me make a strong foundation for my life right now. We’ve got shortcomings and I respect that. We know that none of us are perfect. I’m not saying that I’m closing my doors for you now, it’s just that I couldn’t find the perfect words to describe how much I am being so confused now of your actions. Pretty confusing and unbelievable.

Life lately, well I’ll just continue enjoying my Iced Coffee.

Think of the beautiful things around you and be grateful enough for being surrounded with such. :)

Yes, I just turned 27 yesterday and I’m so grateful and excited for a lot of things.

1. Thankful for the love of family, friends and love.
2. Grateful and contented to the love I am receiving.
3. That, as I was given another year to fulfill, I had thought of some things; that I’ve been losing a lot of important people who seem to be caring less of me now BUT, that’s alright because that happens and I do that to people as well.
4. That I am getting more and more vulnerable of the future and I tend to panic on some sort because I’m afraid that I might be living a wasted life.
5. On the contrary of # 4, I wanted to continue exploring more, continue to live and live each dreams and to be more one with nature.
6. I am opening myself to new people and new environment.
7. I may have been doubtful of my capabilities on a lot of things, still I have great trust on what the universe is telling me. I am blessed of great talents and mind and I should be appreciating more of it from me.
8. I should start trusting myself and my judgement for it is only me who could understand and know what’s right for me.
9. Enough of the people coming and going and enough of the unworthy battles and petty insecurities. This is the time to hate less and enjoy more.

Thank you for all the good wishes and greetings from you guys!


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