We fall and fall so hard; we cry and hurt so bad.

You know sometimes when things are starting to fall apart and you take no control of it you get burned. When your reality is bringing back the old worms trying to bunk out of that can and you’re afraid that they might fall back, it frightens you.  You thought you’re already far behind with those fears and painful sting. They said you will only know the true meaning of being free if you would witness yourself getting all hurt and still smiling, but my sad reality is telling me that I am still hurting inside. That I am still wounded and I still have this rotten wound growing morphine thru my blood.

Sometimes I cry for no reasons at all but I know I can put my mask on by making others believe that it’s just the movies, it’s just the scene that’s making me weep. I still find myself living with fears, I still find myself running and hiding from all the monsters in my head. I’m trying, doing my best to overcome everything. I’m afraid that one day I am going to be left stranded again. I’m afraid that maybe I would never learn to trust again, that I would forever doubt everyone who’s giving me love. I wanna be freed; I wanna see the world without filtering it with what’s on my mind. I wanna be the girl that they see; I wanna see the world in a parti-colored way. I wanna be freed from the shadows of my past, from the painful memories of the yesteryears and the suffocating notion of living.

I want to breathe…

I want to see how beautiful the world can be…

I want to love and let love, love me…

I want to live. 



Breathe Life. (C) @angeldolor #nature #happiness #free #life

Breathe Life. (C) @angeldolor #nature #happiness #free #life